Slack App Reviews

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Exactly what I needed

Slack is exactly what I needed and what I would have liked and developed if it wouldnt exist - probably with a far lower execution than this


Il love Slack, its the best messaging app I ever used

Best group tool

I am working in retail and you know how fast everything happen in this world. Slack allows us to upgrade our communication and with a true tool to make sure we are all in the same page. It s just missing a calendar and a to do list. Otherwise it s the perfect. I have recommended to everyone I know. And so does my team. Thank you

The best and most mobile friendly collaboration app

Slack is a perfect app for the XXI century. Works as well on a browser than on mobile. It is clearly optimized for each form factor. The mobile app is a real app which enables you to switch from one group to the next with complete protection of your group communications.

Best business app of the decade

Simply perfect. If you are crazy enough to run your business without slack ...

Great app! Great service!

I was sceptical, but this is dope!

Nice App

Its quite a good application to chat with people ! The bot is helpfull ! Good idea !

Great app

Everything Yammer should have been. Love slack

True real time teamwork

No more emails for internal communications.


Great app with integrations of other app in it.

Excellent app for team communication

Everything said.

Team connections are no longer persisted!!

The team connection dont stay on after the app been killed!!! Please fix it we have te re sign on every time we launch the app!!

French language ?

Excellent app! When the french language will be available? My fifth star will be come at this update. Thank you team!

A very good system to ease team communication

Slack is well known and made the buzz by its valuation, but it is indeed a very good system of communication for teams. I participates to several teams that uses Slack and all those teams have a much better communication when they are actively using it.

Lags lags lags

Great app but its lagging has hell when I use multi-task to get back to slack. The app and keyboard are frozen during 5sec before being able to right something. The app disconnects all the time too. It needs to reconnect each time I use multi-task and get back in it. Its painful.

Bug in this version

The application crash without any explanation and then you dont have any choice than reinstalling the app.

Dont show notifications anymore

The iPhone6 version of the app dont show when a new message arrives.

A great system of comunicatiob

App is quite heavy in iOS version, but this doesnt matter for the great usability of Slack in groups and enterprises

And they keep getting better

fantastico! flawless! =]


Cant open. Crashes everytime

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